Sunday, 11 September 2016


Well, It's that time of year again, time to buy and label up the girl's school uniforms. Not my most favourite job and I've tried several methods in the past. I'm not a fan of sewing so never gone down that route, sewing on their Brownies Badges is bad enough! 
I've purchased and iron on and stick on labels over the years and have been left disappointed after finding them floating about in the washing machine after a few washes.  You can't then re-apply so they were all picked out of the wet laundry and binned.
Last year I resorted to using a Sharpie pen which doesn't look great and this also washes out eventually.

This year I saw an advert on Facebook for Stamptastic and decided to give them a try.

Stampastic is a company run by two mums who's dream of an easier labelling system stemmed from their own struggles with the annual school uniform label chore.
After a year of planning, they were able to launch Stamptastic.

Their products include personalised name stamps (at £12), ink pads (at £10), fabric pens, address stamps, reflectors, greetings stamps and colour ink pads.

My order consisted of two of the personalised name stamps, one for each of the girls, and an ink pad.
The website is easy to navigate and order placement was straight forward  offers the usual methods of payment including PayPal which makes it nice and simple. They also offer free p&p to orders within the UK.
I placed my order on a Friday and then eagerly awaited delivery.
My order arrived on the following Tuesday and I got the girls to quickly go and gather up all of their uniform, shoes and bags. They didn't know what I had ordered so they ran upstairs whilst shouting out "Why?????"

The order arrived packaged in an A5 jiffy envelope. Inside this the two named stampers were wrapped in tissue paper and the ink pad was in a resealable plastic bag (keep this for storing the inkpad in) plus an order invoice sheet and a couple of leaflets, one of which containing a 15% off code for future orders.

By the time I had this unpackaged I had been joined by the girls with their piles of uniform.
I then gave them the wrapped stampers to open.
When they saw the stampers they were excited to start labelling their uniform.

The named stampers are made from a plastic transparent block which has a groove on either side which helps you to hold it firmly. The bottom end has the rubber attached which has you chosen name embossed on it. Through the plastic you can clearly see the name printed in black lettering which makes it simple to identify which you are using if you have more than one.

The ink pad has a secure lid which slides off. When we opened this I caught an aroma from the ink, not the usual permanent marker smell but a pleasant smell which Mollie declared "It smells of Cherry Bakewells!" 

Which indeed it does!

The ink pad should last for 2000 uses if stored correctly and once applied is said to last for 50 washes. More than enough to see a school year out.
You can use it on most material for clothing and also glass, wood, plastic etc so you can also label lunch boxes, pencil cases, pencils, drinks bottles and much more.

I then set the girls to work and they really enjoyed using the stampers. They were so simple to use and within minutes the girls had finished their uniforms, school shoes, bags and pencil cases. They even labelled their school socks!

Shortly Mollie disappeared upstairs and returned with her Brownies uniform and that was labelled up too ready for next week.

As you can see in the photo above, the ink doesn't go through to the other side of the label and it is touch dry within seconds so I was reassured that it wouldn't mark the other parts of the clothes.

The final test was to put it through a wash. I took one item of Emily's uniform and put it through the next 10 washes, varying from a cold wash, through 40 degrees and then 60 degrees. As you will see it stood the test!

So I think I have found the answer to my future labelling needs. This set should last me quite a few years now (so long as I don't loose it obviously!)

I would highly recommend this product, so simple and efficient. 
You can check out the products from Stampastic on their website or follow them on Facebook.

Right, I'm off to see what else needs labelling! 
Go check out Stamptastic and see what you think.


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