Sunday, 25 September 2016

Crabbin' - Mini Blog

The girls got to spend the last day of their Summer break visiting Southwold with Grandma and Grandad. They like to have a trip down there each Summer to do a spot of Crabbing and exploring the town.

Following a sleepover at their Grandparents house, they set off after breakfast and took the half an hour trip down the coast to Southwold.
They headed to their favourite spot for crabbing, 

After unpacking the crabbing essentials of a bucket, fishing net, fishing line with off cuts of bacon in a drawstring washing net tied to the end of it, they were ready to start!

The girls spent a while dipping the baited line into the shallow waters edge and catching some snippy little friends!

Soon it was time to stop for a spot of lunch and a picnic was enjoyed by all.

Then it was back to the crabbin' line! 

In time the girls had caught 23 crabs! Then it was time to release them back into the water, unharmed.
Grandad carefully tipped the bucket over and the crabs went scuttling back across the shingle into the water.

You'll notice another sea friend in the bucket, the girls found a jellyfish too!

After crabbin' and when everything was packed away, they took a drive into the town centre where they spotted horse and carriage rides, prices are £4 per adult and £2 per child and rides last for approximately 5 minutes.

Then it was time to head home and a dip in the hot tub whilst Grandad cooked dinner! 

The girls love crabbin', it's a good, fun and free activity which can be enjoyed by all.
Although the girls went to Southwold with their Grandparents, there are lots of local spots which are great for crabbin' in the Gorleston and Great Yarmouth area, why not check them out.


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