Sunday, 28 August 2016

Great day out at Hirsty's Family Fun Park

Not far from us is Hirsty's Family Fun Park, this is situated along Great Yarmouth Road in Hemsby. Very easy to find, it roadside so you can't miss it.
Formally known as Hemsby Mega Maze, it is well known and loved by locals and holiday makers alike.

Hirsty's Family Fun Park is open 7 days a week 10am-6pm, through to 4th September and then reopens over the October Half Term for Hirsty's Halloween Hoot!

A full list of prices can be found here but we paid £25 for a family ticket which admits either 2x adults and 2x children or 1x adult and 3x children and also includes a Maze map. The children were also given a card which they needed to collect stamps on around the two mazes.

We arrived shortly after 11am and met our friends there. There was no queue at the entrance and we purchased our tickets and were given our wristbands. We had never been before so wasn't entirely sure whether there were any additional costs inside and we were pleasantly surprised to find that everything was included (except refreshments.)

As you enter the park via the Admissions hut you go into a large open grassy area which is fully fenced around the perimeter (I would still keep a careful eye on younger children mind you!)

This area has trampolines, Welly Crazy Croquet, a giant haystack, Go Karts, play areas, a sand pit, tyre swings, zip wire, tractor rides, a chance to meet Farmer Hirst, a large rope climbing frame and that's all before you even reach the two mazes!

Whilst the kids ran off to explore and play, us adults found a picnic bench and settled down for a chat.

Emily conquered the Haystacks in record timing and did a celebratory dance on the top!

After the children (and Dads) had been playing for about an hour and a half we were beginning to feel pretty hungry (all that fresh country air!) The small Cafe at the Fun Park sells a selection of food and drinks; burgers etc and these were reasonably priced, I have since heard from someone that the burgers were pretty tasty too! But we had taken picnics along which the Fun Park happily encourages.
Once we had filled our tummies it was time to tackle the Mega Maze!

We entered the maze and were determined to complete it without using the map. We started off with a lookout from the wooden bridge, from here we could see the vast expanse of the maze and we were surprised at the size of it, you couldn't actually see the furthest ends! There are 10 stamps to collect in the maize maze and we quickly found our first two, these were numbered 9 and 10. We continued on, eager to find the others just as quick, convinced that this was going to be fairly straight forward. 

How wrong were we!!!

After quite a while we ended up back at the entrance. Hmm, we'd gone wrong somewhere so back in we went and headed off in another direction, with luck we happened upon stampers 1 and 2. now we were getting somewhere!
By now we had been in the maze for about an hour and wishing we had taken more drink in with us. Oops! 

We continued on, the girls were enjoying the walk and picking corn along the way, leaving themselves a trail of leaves so that "we would know if we had already been that way" problem was I think everyone was doing that haha!
By now we were approximately 2 hours in the maze and were beginning to give up hope of finding the other stamps. We ended up in the furthest corner alongside a wire fence. Here we decided to open the map and Chris pondered for a few minutes before figuring out where we were. 
From then on it was easy sailing. We quickly found the remaining stamps and within half an hour we were finished!
Definitely worth using the map.

By now the adults were worn out so we found a table and had some refreshing drinks from the shop whilst the children tackled the small wooden maze by themselves. There were a couple of stamps within that and then the others they had to find around the play equipment. They were dashing around and finally completed these. They could then collect their sticker and sweetie prize! They were very pleased that they had succeeded!

We had to leave at 4pm as we had evening plans to get ready for but could have easily stayed longer playing, perhaps even having dinner here too. All in all we had a fantastic time at Hirsty's Family Fun Park and we would highly recommend that you visit before they close for the summer, or visit for some Halloween fun! We are sure to return next summer for another great day out.

One thing that pleased us the most was that the fun park doesn't have a gift shop where the kids would be wanting to buy stuff. There were no electronics, everything was just good, old-fashioned fun! 

For more information check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

Make sure you pay them a visit soon.

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