Monday, 8 August 2016

Waterbombs - Mini Blog

  We found these on offer a while back in Morrisons for £5 so just couldn't resist. We have seen these on Youtube (the girls are addicted to watching stuff on there!) 

Now we just had to wait for a sunny day!

Last Sunday was just perfect, so the girls excitedly grabbed their swimming costumes and got ready whilst I looked at the instructions.

The pack also contained two hose couplings, I wish I had found these when I filled the first bunch of balloons mind you! The balloons came in three bundles, ours contained white, pink and purple.

I lined a box with a towel for the balloons to fall into and hoped that they wouldn't pop as they fell in.
Luckily it worked fine.
As you can see the balloons came attached in a bundle of approx 30, with elastic bands securing them to the tubes. These bands then worked to seal them as they fell off the tubes when filled. We just did the one bundle to start with and saved the others from friends coming over.

(The remaining used tubes worked well as a fun sprinkler afterwards too so don't throw it away!)

It was then time to enjoy a water fight!!!!

Great fun and Emily proved to have a pretty good aim!

The girls loved these balloons and we would definitely buy them again.
HOWEVER we did find that the purple balloons stained the towel so make sure you only use old towels that you don't mind being ruined!

 The girls verdict

Emily - I loved these balloons, 
We had loads of fun and 
it was funny getting 
Mollie on the head!

Mollie - I wish we could get these again 
as they were great fun.
I think they would be good
at a party or something.

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