Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Naughty White Choccie Kinder Bueno Fudge!

Following on from the success and ever so popular blog "Gooey, Chocolatey Fudge" we have made a new variation. After researching ideas on the t'internet we settled on White Chocolate Kinder Bueno Fudge!.

This was even easier than the original we made and the girls really enjoyed getting involved. (They are thinking of making some for their Brownies Leaders towards earning their Cook badge!)

What do you need before you start?:

We started off by lining a pyrex dish with greaseproof paper and set this to one side.  Then set up two microwaveable bowls, mixing spoons and scales.

The lovely ingredients for this recipe:

400g white chocolate
60g unsalted butter
1x can of condensed milk
150g icing sugar
4x regular bars of Kinder Bueno

What do you need to do to make this delicious dish?:

1. Start off by chopping the Kinder Bueno bars into pieces, it was nice and easy to chop into eight pieces so long as you use a nice sharp knife. Then pop these in a bowl and place in the fridge until needed.

2. Break the white chocolate into pieces and put into a microwaveable bowl, add to this the butter and microwave until melted, checking ever 30 seconds. Careful not to let the chocolate burn (what a waste that would be!)

3. Into this melted mixture you need to pour the condensed milk and mix thoroughly. You will start to feel the mixture thicken quickly. 

4. At this point add the icing sugar and again stir until the sugar has completely combined.

5. Now it's time to add the chopped Bueno, just half of the pieces for now. Fold these in gently so you don't crush them. I found this quite a delicate task as I wanted to keep the pieces chunky.

6. Once these have been carefully folded into the mixture, pour this into your prepared dish. Then place the remaining Kinder Bueno pieces over the top and gently push down slightly to secure them in place.

7. Now place the fudge in the fridge and leave to set for at least 4 hours but it is best left overnight (if you can resist!)

8. Once set you should be able to remove the fudge easily by lifting the greaseproof paper at the edges and all being well it will lift out of the dish. Then chop into pieces and ENJOY!

The Verdict?:

Super sickly!
Lovely Kinder taste with white chocolate creaminess. 
Not to be indulged in too often and ideally share with others! 
Nice and easy for the girls to make with very little help. 

Let us know whether you make this treat and what you thought



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