Friday, 27 May 2016

Mollie's Toffee Cupcakes Mmmmm

Wondering what to do after school? 
Really wanting a snack but there's nothing in the cupboard you want?

I got home from school today and I had this problem. So I took a look in the cupboards and found some ingredients.

I enjoy baking and now I'm older I can do it by myself (without Mum taking over!) except for the oven, I have to have an adult then.

I knew that the old fashioned method for making buns was "4, 4, 4 and 2" But I needed to find out of what. A quick chat with Mum and I was ready.

The Ingredients:

4 oz Self Raising Flour

4 oz Sugar (we had dark brown sugar)

4 oz butter (I had to let this go soft so left it out for a while in the kitchen.)

2 eggs

The Recipe:

Firstly I needed Mum to put the oven on for me, she set it at 160C (we have a fan oven) and then I laid the cupcake cases in the tray ready and put this out of the way.
Then I added ALL the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mixed really well with a wooden spoon. 


I then decided to experiment a little bit with this recipe and added a tablespoon of Toffee sauce (the sort you use as an ice cream topping!)

I didn't know how this would taste but I felt like trying it.

I then scooped the mixture into the cases, Emily helped (she loves baking too! She helped with a few other bits too.) And then with Mum's help I put them in the oven.They would take about 10-15 minutes to cook.

I had to keep an eye on them so they didn't burn. I knew they were ready when they looked nice and brown on top (I had to remember that they would look darker as I used dark brown sugar instead of white sugar so remember that if you use different sugar)
Then with Mum's help again, I took them out and left them to cool.

What did I Think?:
They were really nice! The toffee sauce worked well, they had a yummy taste. I shared them out after dinner for dessert and everyone enjoyed them.

I hope you do to!
Mollie xx

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