Friday, 1 April 2016

St Fagan's National History Museum, Cardiff

We had visited here years ago before we had the girls, in fact I was heavily pregnant with Mollie,  so decided to use this trip to Cardiff to take them along. It's great that the attraction is free to enter, with a large car park (£5 for all day parking). There's a chance to purchase a map (50p) or Guide Book (£4) as you enter.

We had already checked out St Fagan's website which is great, full of information and easy to navigate. The girls had spotted that they would be having an Easter Egg Hunt and we're excited to do this. So our first stop was to sign them up for that, only £2.50 per child. They were given a page with four riddles to solve to find the locations of the eggs, they then had to colour the eggs on their page in the same patterns which they had great fun doing.
At the end they won a little craft set and a foil wrapped egg. 

The attraction offers a selection of cafes but we opted for trying some of the goods bake traditionally onsite. A small shop, where they serve fruit scones, fresh crusty loaves, cheese bread and gingerbread men. We got ourselves a selection from here which cost just over £8, all of which were delicious! 

Over in the Oakdale Workmen's Institute we found a craft area where the children were taught how to make Wartime paper bead necklaces and a bit about the history behind these. A simple but effective craft which we could all enjoy.

My favourite part was the re-erection of six terraced house from Rhyd-y-car, Marthyr Tydfil. As you move along the terraces block you see how the homes have changed over the years. 
There's also livestock around the museum and we happened to visit during lambing season, we didn't see any births but there were plenty of baby lambs to coo over! One of which took a liking to trying to suckle Emily's coat. 

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