Saturday, 15 July 2017

Emily went to Fairy School at Terra Natura.

Terra Natura Animal Park is situated near Benidorm in the Costa Blanca, Spain. 
We recently visited and whilst we were there Emily spotted an intriguing little building, adorned in pink, purple and sparkles! At first it was the cute bike she wanted to see but then she spotted the Fairy School information!

We ventured inside and were cheerfully greeted by Miss Fairy and her helper. 
We soon found out that a session costs 8 Euro and includes:
Fairy make over
Dress Up
Photo shoot
1 x large Photo

Although Miss Fairy was quick to give the information over, there was no hard sell, she welcomed several people in during our session just to browse and play, with a cheery goodbye when they left.
We were informed that the session would last 30-45 minutes (this ended up being approximately an hour to an hour and a quarter.)

The room was split into different zones:


Make Up


Play and Photo Area

After Emily had selected her costume and changed behind the privacy screen she had a pampering session where her Fairy Make Up was applied. They use Snazaroo face paints which I know Emily is ok with.

Next it was time to accessorise! No less is more when it comes to adorning a fairy in this place.

Once this was done, Emily got to explore the Fairy play and photo area, using props - wands, stuffed animals and dance ribbons (she loved these!)

I managed to snap a few poses whilst we waited for the photographer to arrive (she took about 10 minutes once Emily was ready.)

Once the photographer had set up we were asked to stay behind the barrier, we could watch but this obviously made it a bit harder to get photos, this way they get to sell you extra haha.
Emily seemed to thoroughly enjoy being a little model, and took it all in. 
The photographer certainly put in a lot of energy into making Emily feel special.

Lastly it was time to change and we were given a ticket to go and view our photos (near the park exit.) We paid the photographer directly, I only had a 10 Euro note and she had no change but she put a note on the ticket and sure enough our change was given to us when we went for the photos.

There were so many lovely photos to choose from, we were able to choose one in a 20cm x 15cm print which was included in the price.
We then chose another print which cost 7 Euros.

They photos are high quality and were edged in a pretty boarder.

Such a cute experience and fantastic value for money in my opinion. 
They had costume ranging from baby sizes through to 11/12 years and both in girl and boy styles - you might perhaps have a little elf! 
There were also some animal costumes if you perhaps wanted to be a woodland animal and I did spot a stunning, colourful Bird of Paradise which would have fitted Mollie but she didn't want to join in.

I'd say the ideal age for this would be 4-9 year olds, old enough to get involved but young enough to enjoy it without feeling self concious.

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