Saturday, 2 July 2016

Jump Warehouse

Earlier this year Great Yarmouth saw a near play and fitness venue open it's doors. Jump Warehouse opened at Easter and has proved itself very popular with children AND adults.
They not only offer Jump sessions for children but also parties, tots sessions and fitness classes for adults.
They are open daily from 10am till 9pm Mon-Fri and 9am till 9pm Weekends.
(these times also cover the tots and fitness sessions.)
Regular sessions cost £8.50 per person for an hour plus £1.50 for the special non-slip Jump branded socks, however once you have these you don't need to purchase again (so long as you remember where you put them!) 
Tots sessions and Fitness sessions are £5 per person.
Jump request that you arrive 20 minutes early for your session for safety talk and to sort waiver forms.
It is suggested to book online but I do know some people just turn up and there are usually spaces.

Parties are run during their regular open sessions and cost £13.95 per child with a minimum of 10 children booking. This price includes an hour Jump time, a choice of food, Jump socks for the children, a party host AND the birthday child goes for FREE! Plus unlimited juice and party invites.

Jump Warehouse Great Yarmouth is based on Main Cross Road and you will find free roadside parking. It's easily recognisable from its signage so there's no worries in trying to find it. 
Once inside you find the reception desk where you pay, get your socks and sort out waiver forms. Then you go through to the briefing area for the safety talk and to prepare yourself for your session.
Once you are ready and it's your session slot then on you go!
The trampolines are all on one level with brightly coloured safety padding in between each trampoline, this makes a large bouncy floor space! 

There are trampolines up the walls so you can do rebounds and a sloped trampoline too. There is a smaller bounce area to the right.

At the back of this smaller area there is a Dodge ball Jump area
(this is the black walled area at the back of this photo)

Over on the larger Jump area you will find a basket ball area and a large bouncy air pillow that you can leap onto from the trampolines, budding gymnasts can practices their flips there!

There are a few black beanbags scattered around for those needing a rest.
The area is decorated in black with "graffiti" style artwork on the walls in bright colours. 
Back in the briefing area there is a set of stairs going up to the Cafe. Here you can buy hot and cold drinks and snacks to enjoy whilst you watch the fun over the balcony edge. I found the prices reasonable and they offered good quality food and drinks.
(Also, the toilets are found on the lower floor near the reception area and are bright and CLEAN!)

(Cafe photos from Google images)

Mollie and Emily loved it here and are excitedly planning their next visit!
It's great to see something like this in our town.


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