Saturday, 9 July 2016

Black Rock Grill

As a family we love going out for meals and one of our favourite places is Black Rock Grill at Potters. 
For those of you who haven't been before this is a unique dining experience. 

There is a set price of £35 for over 16yr olds, 
£17.50 for 9-15yrs 
£10 for 2-8yrs
This includes all courses (drinks are not included)
There are optional extras should you wish to add them to your meal and these carry additional charges.

We decided to celebrate the start of the Summer Holiday with a visit to Black Rock Grill before heading into Great Yarmouth to see the first of the summer weekly fireworks displays. it's also a nice chance to get your glad rags on and enjoy yourself!
We booked online which was nice and easy and we received a confirmation email straightaway. The restaurant opens at 6pm each evening, 5.30pm on a Saturday (closed Monday and Tuesday.) 
They do no lunchtime service.

The restaurant is easy to find, situated at the rear of the Potters Resort grounds. There is plenty of parking nearby and the resort roads are nice and quiet.

As you enter the building you will find a cloakroom to the right hand side and the toilets are situated along the corridor. At the end of the corridor you turn left and walk up a flight of stairs (there is a lift available.)
At the top you enter the restaurant through a door and the service desk is immediately on your left.

We found the greeter friendly and polite (as always) and our booking was quickly found and we were shown to our table.
The restaurant itself is spacious and light with a very contemporary feel with large windows offering beautiful views over the resort grounds and out to sea. 

We were seated at a comfortable booth style table and given our menus. We were then left for a few minutes to browse the choices before our waitress came over to introduce herself and to take our drinks order.

She then removed any unnecessary glasses etc to make room on the table. Returning shortly with a selection of homemade breads and a dish of dips. You can have more of these breads if wanted.

It didn't take long before our drinks arrived and we were ready to order. The waitress went through a few of the choices with us as they have added some new starters in the past month and we all decided on some of the new choices - Slow Braised BBQ Pulled Pork Slider and Honey and Ginger Chicken Wings. They also do a pretty yummy Prawn Cocktail which is Chris' favourite, among other choices.

I will admit that the Pulled Pork Slider was my favourite! 
Even though children eat at a reduced rate, they get the same in each course and our girls really enjoyed trying the starters.(They can also have Chicken Nuggets instead of the main course meats/fish if required.)

The waitress checked with us whether we wanted to try the exotic meats (today they had crocodile, kangaroo and eek something else which I've forgotten! These come at an additional charge of £3.50 per person) we decided not to have these. Also if we wanted any sides, Chris opted for the Beer Battered Onion Rings at an additional charge of £2.50.
However you get plenty of food during the main course so don't worry about trying to fill up! They just keep bringing more if you ask!

After enjoying our starters it wasn't long to wait before our Hot Rocks arrived. Now these are HOT!!!! Our girls are sensible and we trust them to be careful, they understand that they can get burnt on these rocks. When we went with friends last year, the parents cooked the meat for their youngest on their own rock so just ask.

Then the meats and accompaniments arrived! 
(Vegetarian options available upon request.)

Salmon and Scallops
Beef and Lamb


Chinese Hot Noodles
Hand cut chips

Mixed salad

Side of Onion Rings

We were instructed on how to cook the meats, using plenty of salt to stop them from sticking to the rock and not to use the sauces on the rock itself.

Meats, fish and accompaniments were replenished as required and they will bring you a fresh hot rock if yours starts to cool off. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our main course and the girls LOVED cooking their own food. The benefit of the meats chosen are that they can be eaten at any stage of cooking and the girls soon knew how long they needed to cook their meats to how they liked them. The meats/fish are also sliced to roughly 1cm thickness which means they didn't take too long to cook. We found that all of the meats/fish served were good quality, with no gristly nasty bits.

Throughout our meal, the waitress checked in with us on a couple of occasions and drinks/foods were replenished as needed. 

After eating our fill with the main course we finally admitted we were beaten by the meats! 
The table was cleared and the waitress brought us the dessert menus over.
Chris and the girls opted for the Black Rock Signature Fondue which is very popular. I decided to try one of their new desserts and opted for the Raspberry and Pistachio Semi Fredo.

These didn't take long to arrive but just long enough to give us chance to recover from the main course! 

The Signature Fondue consists of a warm rock on which two small saucepans sit, one with a melted chocolate sauce and the other with toffee sauce. On either side there was a selection of goodies to dip (these vary depending on what the chef has prepared for that day.)

The Raspberry and Pistachio Semi Fredo is a frozen raspberry mousse with pistachios and toffee pistachio crackling and a raspberry coulis. This was just right for me as it was light and sweet.

Tea and coffee is also offered as part of the set price but we usually forgo this as we just cannot fit anything else in!

So, there you go. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Black Rock Grill and find it reasonably priced. Some people have commented in the past about paying that price and then having to cook it yourself but to us that adds to the fun. We have always found the service professional and friendly.
We highly recommend the Black Rock experience. 

If you go why not complete the evening with a show at Potters Resort? We've often done this in the past and quite often there are offers available that include meal and show. 

We have a Black Rock Members card which gives us special offers (including £20 dine or £25 wine and dine per person dining on a Wednesday or Thursday for up to 4 people! This makes Black Rock a very affordable meal out.)
This is definitely worth looking into.

To find out more about Black Rock then check out their website or follow them on Facebook.


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