Monday, 2 October 2017

Lovely Ladybirds with Norfolk Rocks!

We've recently been enjoying the new craze that's been sweeping the country, locally named "Norfolk Rocks."
I'm not sure where this craze first started, it has stemmed from Rocks of Kindness as far as I can see.
This involves decorating rocks with paints, permanent markers, glitter or embellishments, basically whatever you can that stays on the rock, many people also varnish their rocks to seal them.

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Then place them around the area when you are out and about, we've found some that were well hidden and others that have been placed within clear view.
We found our first rock during late summer, just before returning to school and were soon hooked into the craze.

Have a quick search on Facebook and you'll most likely find a painted rocks group in your area. I joined up to Norfolk Rocks (UK) and the excitement grew. 

Hiding and finding these little tokens of kindness, some beautifully painted by toddlers and children, some stunning examples from artistic people, some not so talented (me) but are still fun to find.
Many people like to include a little message of hope or kindness too.
Generally people write on the bottom instructing you to take a photo and put on to the Facebook page, then keep or re hide the rock. Many include a hashtag followed by their name but that's entirely up to you.


After reading about a gathering of painted rocks in Southend I was inspired to give this a try locally. 
I place an event in the Norfolk Rocks (UK) group inviting people to decorate their rocks as ladybirds and to bring them to Gorleston Yacht Pond one evening.

To be honest, I didn't expect much and told the girls that if no one turns up then we will still have fun hiding our rocks. 


We set off a little early and started to place our ladybirds around the perimeter wall. Soon I was joined by another two families and they started adding.


Then this lovely lady.


Another couple and more and the ladybird line grew!
After 45 minutes we had a wonderful row of 81 ladybirds and friends!

We were thrilled that so many others had taken part, the children involved had all been ecstatically happy seeing the ladybirds arrive (plus having lots of fun on our beautiful beach) 


The next day the Facebook page was full of excitement as people discovered the ladybirds, sharing their photos, their happiness at seeing them gathered, their swaps and re hides!

81 smiles made that day!

We are now planning a Remembrance Rocks at St Georges Park, Great Yarmouth and we are hoping for enough Poppy Rocks to make a trail leading up to the Memorial Monument. It would be lovely if you could join us, Saturday 11th November, we'll be there between 10.30-11.30am and will mark the minute silence at 11am.

Remember, if you're painting rocks then please do not take them from the beach.

You can buy bags of rocks from DIY shops and garden centre for under £10.

Painted rocks are a great way to involve the family in a little art, a bit of giving and lots of fun, plus you get the health benefits of getting out in the fresh air and taking a walk.


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