Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Yankee Candle Flower Pots

The end of the school year always brings up that big question - what present shall we give to the teacher/teaching 

Where possible I like the girls to make their gifts, something nice, useful perhaps as I feel that the thought and love that goes into the gifts has much more meaning (having said that I'm not adverse to shop bought gifts either.)

This year the girls decided on making Candle Melts Flower Pots.
A quick search on Amazon found these Yankee Candle Melts so a couple of lots of these bundles in my shopping basket (a few extra melts just for me!) and we headed out to the local high street to purchase pots and other materials needed.

Most of the materials I purchased from Poundland and The Works for just £1 per item, Grandma already had some oasis we could have, now we just needed to wait a few days until the candles arrived.

The girls had a great session unpacking the candles and having a good smell of each one, picking out their favourites and trying their best to "colour coordinate" for each gift (colour coordinating when your 9 and 10 isn't quite the same as when your a grown-up haha!)

We were ready to assemble.

I allow the girls to use the hot glue gun themselves under supervision, they are very sensible with it and have used it many times, but please ensure that you watch over your children if you use a hot glue gun!

Cut the oasis and fill your flower pot, a splodge of glue in the base will help to stop it from wobbling around.

(excuse the Brownies uniform and messy hair!)

Cut the hessian and fix to the top of the oasis, securing with hot glue. If you are using anything to edge the pot (in our case we used plastic vines in a couple of the pots) add this now and then set aside.

Hot glue a lollipop stick to the back of each candle melt, we used 5 candle melts per pot but its up to you how many you use.

Using green card cut out some leaves. You can add 1 or 2 per flower. Glue these to the stick and allow to dry.

Now its time to arrange the flowers in the pots. I used a sharp knife to push through the hessian to get the lollipop sticks through easier. Adjust the flowers to make the arrangement look good and then add a dollop of hot glue to the bottom of each stick to secure into place.

The girls then added their hand written messages of thanks and the flower pots were ready to gift. We added a wax melt burner to each gift bag to go with the present.

The costing per pot worked out to be approximately £7.50 per flower pot, with the accessories and gift bags.

We hope that their teachers and Teaching Assistants enjoyed these gifts as much as the girls loved having them teach them for the year.


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