Saturday, 24 June 2017

Harry Potter Afternoon Tea at Mocha, Great Yarmouth

One of our guest writers recently had the pleasure of attending a Harry Potter themed afternoon tea at Mocha, Great Yarmouth. Mocha is situated just down Regent Street.
The coffee lounge and cafe specialises in homemade cakes and it's customers rave about them!

Upon arrival the magical transportation into the mystical world of Harry Potter began, the theming was evident and the efforts that Mocha had put into the event were already showing signs of high quality.

Tickets cost £15 per person and included a drink and a wonderful cake stand packed with scrumptious sandwiches, savouries and cakes. Additional drinks were available to purchase at £4 each (£4.50 for cocktails.)

Once seated guests found a letter on their place setting, wonderfully addressed to Harry Potter, The Cupboard under the Stairs!

Inside this wax sealed envelope we found the menus, detailing the delicious fayre about to be served.

Whilst waiting it was the perfect opportunity to have a look around at the outstanding efforts that had gone into theming the event. The owners hadn't scrimped on the decor. Everywhere you looked was in theme, even down to the smallest of details!

The excitement to try the Felix Felicis, a mix of lemon and grape whet the awaiting appetites! And it wasn't too long before the food was served.
It's hard to describe how wonderful it was, all themed and so tasty, you'll just have to check out these photos! They'll leave you wanting!!!

Did you see that little Mandrake

Everything imaginable had been themed, even down to the platters the food was served on. And a quick pop into the loos, who's that you hear? Moaning Myrtle!

By the end of the afternoon tea everyone was fit to burst! Not before a glass of Butterbeer though! 

Mocha also ran a raffle with loads of amazing prizes - first prize was 2 tickets to Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour! That must have been a VERY happy winner!
They also sold magnets, wands and sweets.

The Mocha Harry Potter Afternoon Tea was amazing, a must have for all you HP fans out there! 

It's back this August Bank Holiday!

Yes, Mocha and staging the event from 26th-28th August, tickets cost £20 per person. 
See their Facebook page for details!

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