Saturday, 11 February 2017

Japanese treat box!

We surprised the girls with a Japanese Treat Box! We ordered it from Amazon and the delivery (from outside of the UK stated that it would take up to 6 weeks to arrive, however we were very pleasantly surprised when it arrived in less than 2 weeks.

The inconspicuous cardboard box gave the girls little indication about what was enclosed, until Mollie spotted a customs label written in Japanese and she was on to it! They have been watching treat box vlogs lately so they had an idea of Japanese ones.

Once they had opened the box they were amazed at the amount of snacks and candy enclosed and quickly started riffling through the contents.

On top of the goodies was a leaflet giving details about the company The Japanese Freedom Market, based in Ibaraki, Japan.
We had actually purchased the Fukubukoro Snack Box which as described as a limited edition box, upon reading the information it is a tradition with Japanese merchants to make up mystery grab bags/boxes and to sell them hugely discounted. Fukubukuro means "Lucky Bag" or "Mystery Bag".

The company also offer monthly subscriptions starting from $12.99 per month and they ship worldwide.

The box weighed over 1lb and was jam packed. Lots of the treats are corn based and there were some familiar names (there were a couple of mini Kitkats) however, these are quite different to what we are used to!

They girls enjoyed sampling quite a few of these and have also shared some out with their friends.
They have had fun trying to guess what flavours their snack was going to be. Some of the packaging designs gave them a clue but some were quite deceptive!

Hidden in the box the girls were excited to find a cute origami bird and have since been trying to make their own. Such a cute little touch.

Definitely worth the £25.99 in my opinion, not what I would usually pay out for snacks but these are so quirky and fun. I'm not sure I would subscribe unless I was guaranteed a wide variety each month.


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