Sunday, 22 January 2017

Moon Dough by Emily

I really LOVE making dough and experimenting with slime. I recently got some Kinetic Sand and enjoyed it. When I was watching Youtube videos about this I saw Moon Dough. I really wanted to get some but Mum found a recipe to make my own and it was easy!

All you need is Cornflour and hair conditioner. (Cornflour is really cheap to buy and available from supermarkets.)

Mix 1 part conditioner to 2 parts cornflour. This means for every measure of conditioner you need twice as much cornflour. I used a plastic cup tp measure but it really doesn't matter.

Once you have measured the ingredients just mix them together in a bowl until they form a dough, like playdough.

You can add food colouring but we didn't have any so I just kept mine white.

Then you can just enjoy!

The Moon dough kept for quite a few days in an airtight container and when it had started to go crumbly, Mum added some more conditioner to see if that would help and it worked really well.

The dough smells really nice because of the conditioner and was really soft. 

I'm now off to find out how to make slime and Kinetic Sand so keep your eyes peeled because I will share these with you when I try them. 

One thing I would say is that it is quite messy on your clothes when making or playing with this although it does wash out really easily. 

Emily :)

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