Sunday, 18 December 2016

I Believe in Fairies.....

We spent a rainy afternoon creating these cute little fairy wings recently.

We had previously collected Sycamore samaras, the winged seeds which are commonly known as "helicopters" due to the way they flutter to the ground.
The girls spent a happy hour walking in the Autumn sunshine gathering helicopters and carefully carrying them until we were home. 

We then laid them out to dry overnight and then picked through, selecting the nicest ones and the ones which were a bit unique - double ones, skeleton helicopters etc.

Then it was time to start painting! Being Fairy wings it was important that they were shimmery, I mean, what Fairy wouldn't have glimmer wings! 

I picked up these paints in Poundland, they had various colours and the girls choose pink, green, blue and purple. 

Mollie squeezed a small blob of each colour onto a plastic dish and we found that the paints went along way, we barely used any! 

I also picked up a packet of paintbrushes in Poundland at the same time, a pack of 5. I picked ones with small brush heads so that they would be gentle to the delicate helicopters. 

The girls paint carefully, using a variety of colours and adding some spots or mixing a few of the colours to experiment. They worked away at this for almost an hour!

These were then left to dry.

When we had been to buy the paints, we had also popped into The Works and found these cute little glass jars. The triangular ones were £1 each and the small phials were 6 for £1. We also picked up a small glass jar of fine glitter, again for just £1.

Once the wings were dry, the girls carefully placed them into the jars, several mixed ones in the larger jars but they kept the special double ones, the prettiest ones and put these in pairs in the smaller jars, with an added sprinkle of glitter fairy dust.

They then gave these out at school to friends and teachers.

I think they look really cute! 

They have already looked for their next project using Sycamore helicopters....

Image from Pinterest.

....I think these may prove a little trickier!


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