Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Treasure Trail around Gorleston

After our wonderful experience of Treasure Trails in Newcastle earlier this year we were keen to try out a few local ones. After a quick browse on their website we were pleased to find several for our area, including one in our very own town, Gorleston-on-Sea. Now our town is pretty "unknown" to the wider country, others tending to refer to it simply as "is that Great Yarmouth?" or "where?" So to find it featured in it's very own Treasure Trail, well we were thrilled!
We ordered this, plus two other local ones - Caister-on-Sea and Norwich Castle and these cost just £6.99 plus £1.49 P&P (for 1-3 trails, alternatively you can download them to save the P&P if you prefer and then print at home.)

The packs arrived within just a few days so we were very impressed with the service. They are printed on card and come enclosed in their own card slip and then in a protective plastic sleeve. 
The previous trail we had enjoyed was a murder mystery theme, the Gorleston-on-Sea trail in a fun Spy Mission. The object is to find the answers at each clue and fill these in at the back of the trail. Each answer when written in the grid will have one or two highlighted letters/numbers, these then transfer to the Combination Box. Cross these off as you find them and the remaining four will give you the Deactivation Code.

Now we just needed to find the perfect time to head out on our trial! Half Term seemed like the ideal opportunity and we made plans to meet with friends. 
The day arrived and we woke to find a cold, overcast and drizzly day, however, unperturbed we packed up our lunches and headed off to meet up at 10am.
The Trail started of  at The Gorleston Lifeboat Station which is just a short 10 minute walk along the river from our house, there is also a free car park there if you wish to drive to the start of the trail.
Once our friends had arrived we read the first clue and set off around the Lifeboat Station building to search for the answer. As we were doing this, one of the crew members heard us and came out to ask whether the children (and adults) would like to go inside and see the boats, we jumped at the chance,  he also took us out on to the launch jetty to see the biggest lifeboat.

As he was showing us around he asked what we were doing, we showed him the Trail and soon he was searching for the answer with us!

Once this was located we thanked the crew member and followed the directions to our next clue. 
We were taken along the river and then turned up Pier Walk and along to England's Lane (CAUTION! There is a really dodgy crossing here so be CAREFUL!)
After finding the clues along this stretch we turned into Lowestoft Road for a clue and then up Suffield Road, past another friends house where they joined us with their dog who certainly enjoyed getting out for a long walk!
We found the next clue as we turned into Middleton Road and another just up the road as we turned onto Middleton Gardens, these two we had to retrace our steps for as we had missed them even though they were staring right at us!

After these were noted we had to cross over and go through the main pedestrian gates into the grounds of St Andrews Church where we found the next clue.

We carried on through the grounds and out of the church car park gates and turned right into Cross Road then then right again into John Road, looking for clues as we went. At the end of this we turned and made our way down to the High Street, via Palmer Road. We found another clue here and by this point the children were starting to pester for food. Seeing as we were on the High Street and someone mentioned chips it seemed rude not to have a quick refuel!

Right! Now we were ready to set off for the next part of our journey. We past the library, which was the old Tramway Station and found our next clue near the pub next door. 
A quick detour over the road to our house for a toilet break (handy having the trial go past our house!) 

We continued along Lowestoft Road, up past the school and then turned back down England's Lane and turned off onto Beach Road at the bottom. We followed this along and found a few more clues on the way, coming out at the end onto Lower Esplanade. Here we found a clue over in the Gorleston Band Stand.

Here we had planned to stop for our picnic and an ice cream but as it was so cold and windy with the rain threatening to soak us any minute we ploughed on to complete the last clue, this we found over by the pier. 
Time for a quick last photo opportunity!

The off to our friends house to enjoy an indoor picnic!

All in all, including our stop for chips and toilet the Trail took us 2.5 hours and everyone enjoyed it despite our cold fingers and toes!
Every part of the Trail was accessible for all and we took in some lovely historical sights and enjoyed our little seaside town! 

We can't wait to try out our other local Trails. The girls have even ordered some for their Teachers as "end of year" presents!

If your interested in finding out more information about Treasure Trails then click the link to visit their website or find them on Facebook.

The Trails are a fantastic way of learning more about your area or a place you are visiting (we're off to Cardiff later this year and plan to find one to take with us to complete there.) And great for getting out in the fresh air and enjoying time with family and friends.

We hope that you get a chance to enjoy one of these trails

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